1.      Regular service charge cost:

If you wish to set an appointment for the Critter Guy to come out (usually in a day or two) for a non-emergency situation, we charge $125. For an “easy” job, this is all you will pay.

“Simpler” jobs: If we are able to handle your problem in one trip and within approximately an hour, your actual cost will be the cost of a regular service charge. For example, if you used your own trap and you have a skunk you need removed, or if you need The Critter Guy to kill and remove a nest of ground bees. Either of these scenarios will only cost you the $125 regular service call. That’s it!

Most ground-dwelling animal setups (groundhogs and skunks included) are covered under the $125 setup fee.

“Complex” jobs: If your problem is complex (requiring multiple visits), during the initial appointment with The Critter Guy, he will make a thorough inspection, set up the job (in most cases), and give recommendations including a written job quote. If the Critter Guy can’t begin work on that day, you will not be charged another service charge. Jobs involving ladder(s) would be considered complex.

2.      Pick-up fee (for jobs involving live-caught animals):

Cost to remove live animals from traps is $60 per trip. We believe in a fair pricing system for the services we offer. Many companies that offer similar services charge “by the head”. Our way saves you money in cases of removing litters of animals and where infestations result in multiple catches at one time. By not charging for total animals trapped, days spent trapping, or number of traps set, we offer you the most efficient, cost-effective solution around.

3.      Emergency service charge cost:

The emergency service charge is $200 – $250. The Critter Guy will come to your house ASAP, usually within an hour to most areas. In certain circumstances this fee is waived, but usually not if you call at 3:00 in the morning or if we are already booked up and have to reschedule other customers.


We charge by the job for more complex jobs because each problem/property/home/business is different.  Here are the most common examples of instances which would require a job quote:

  • existing hive of bees living in a wall
  • anything requiring special equipment to get to (extremely tall buildings)
  • bat infestations
  • squirrels
  • mole and vole trapping
  • Any exclusion and repair work
  • extensive animal waste cleanup
  • removal and cleanup of large dead animals like horses and cattle

Many factors go into determining what we charge, such as property and building size (acreage and number of stories) and number/species of problem animals we are dealing with. You are welcomed to call and ask for a quote over the phone, but the written estimate given after a professional Critter Guy inspection will override any quotes given over the telephone.


Rebaiting and/or repositioning the traps at the Critter Guy’s discretion is free of charge.

Release of non-target wildlife is free of charge the first occurrence.


If you are outside of the area shown in our service area map (on the right of this page), we encourage you to call us for a quote.


The Critter Guy knows how hard it can be for a business to make a profit or a family to pay their bills in these hard economic times.  We do not like employing fear tactics in order to persuade customers to hire us, but please do take these things into consideration before trying to do the job yourself:

  • The Critter Guy has had preventative rabies shots
  • We have had extensive experience handing wildlife and use industry-specific protective equipment when we do so.
  • We use professional-grade equipment, including (but not limited to) our lures and traps.
  • We are very well versed in and follow all wildlife regulations, which are constantly changing.
  • We know how to handle skunks without making them spray (most of the time), and if they do spray, we have professional-grade deodorizing spray.