The Critter Guy provides dead animal removal, from small and stinky in a wall to large and bloated in the yard. No critter is too large, small, or stinky. We can also deodorize and sanitize the area.

Shoveling and burying dead animals in your yard may contaminate your water supply and destroy your landscaping. We static compost dead animals, which is a very environmentally sound, zero chemical, zero carbon footprint, natural method of disposal. We think this method of disposal is superior to all others. So give The Critter Guy a call and let us take care of your stinky problem.

You may be surprised to learn that wildlife managing to crawl onto your property (off the right-of-way) before dying from a collision with a vehicle is out of the highway department’s jurisdiction. The Critter Guy is no stranger to roadkill, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote.