Rats and mice are the definition of the word pest. They can destroy stored food, make prepared food inedible, ruin your personal belongings, chew through wires causing fires and carry diseases. For such small creatures they can cause a lot of trouble. As rodents, their constantly growing teeth require them to chew on things just to wear them down.

Many people are amazed that something as small as a mouse can make as much noise as they do, often expecting something much larger to be living in the attic. Often people are embarrassed to admit that they have either of these pests, especially rats. Don’t be, it happens more often than you think, and in no way is a reflection of your housekeeping skills, or cleanliness. The Critter Guy has seen it all before, and can solve your rodent pest problem, using a variety of tools.

Chemical pesticides have a tendency to leave dead rodents in your walls, so traps are preferred by the Critter Guy. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to get started on your rodent problem, because in addition to all of the bad things listed above, they are also some of the most prolific breeders in the animal world!

If you need professional nuisance mouse and rat removal services, please give us a call!