In this area, you’ve got four major species to deal with: The eastern grey squirrel, the fox squirrel, the pine or red squirrel, and the southern flying squirrel (there is a northern flying squirrel too but he is endangered). The most frequent would-be resident of your business or home is the grey squirrel, probably followed by the flyer. These prolific, pesky rodents can easily chew through your roof or wires, and in the case of the nocturnal flying squirrel, keep you awake all night doing it! The Critter Guy has a wide range of professional squirrel traps at our disposal, and a wide range of experience in fixing the residential and commercial damage that they are so good at creating.

The Critter Guy offers professional squirrel removal and exclusion services in the following Virginia areas:

Bent Mountain, Blacksburg, Blue Ridge, Bonsack, Boones Mill, Botetourt County, Buchanan, Callaway, Catawba, Cave Spring, Check, Christiansburg, Claytor Lake, Clifton Forge, Copper Hill, Covington, Craig County, Crystal Springs, Daleville, Dublin, Eagle Rock, Eggleston, Elliston, Emerald Bay Villages, Fairlawn, Fincastle, Floyd County, Franklin County, Garden City, Giles County, Glade Hill, Goodview, Grandin Village, Hidden Valley, Hollins, Iron Gate, Ironto, Lake Moomaw, Laymantown, Low Moor, Mill Mountain, Moneta, Montgomery County, Montvale, New Castle, Newport, North Shore, Paint Bank, Parrott, Pearisburg, Pembroke, Pilot, Radford, Raleigh Court, Read Mountain, Riner, Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Rocky Mount, Salem, Selma, Shawsville, Smith Mountain Lake, Troutville, Union Hall, Vinton, Westlake Corner, VA

If you need professional nuisance squirrel removal services, please give us a call!