a pigeon

For the commercial and residential property owner, there are as many problems associated with birds as there are species of birds.

Some species are protected by federal law, and any action outside of non-lethal harassment is either illegal or takes a lot of effort to hack through red tape. The Critter Guy is well versed in all of the laws affecting our local feathered friends. A couple of high-conflict species that are protected are Canada geese and all of the woodpeckers.

Sometimes non-native, mostly unprotected species are the culprit. The pigeon, starling, and European house finch (English sparrow) have very little legal protection.

Lots of methods are available to keep birds out of unwanted areas, both protected and unprotected, and having a professional match a method or device to your specific circumstance can be a real asset.

The first step in bird control is identification. In instances of nesting birds, the Critter Guy will age the nestlings, making timed nest removals an option before the next brood moves in. If the birds have already left, bird cleanup can be messy and potentially hazardous to your health.  We have special equipment to handle this problem for you, safely and affordably.

Give the Critter Guy a call the next time a bird ruffles your feathers.

If you need professional nuisance bird removal services, please give us a call!