a chipmunk

Chipmunks, sometimes locally known as ground squirrels, are¬†small forest creatures with stripes down their sides, are often seen scurrying about. They spend most of their time burrowing, and finding seeds and nuts to store in those burrows and tree cavities. Often they stuff these treasures in cheek pouches, much like the pocket gophers out West. Although they are very good climbers, they spend most of their time on or under the ground. They do hibernate, so you won’t see them much in the winter.¬† They are usually not much of a problem, outside of damage to flower beds, but their holes can present the problem of being good habitat for snakes and other pests. Sometimes they do enter houses, and this is usually a problem solved by exclusion.

No matter how cute and cuddly looking, if one ends up in your home, DO NOT attempt to pick it up. They can inflict a very nasty bite, believe it or not, and don’t hesitate to do so if threatened. Let us use our specialized equipment, and professional knowledge, to combat your chipmunk challenges.

If you need professional nuisance chipmunk removal services, please give us a call!