It is hard to believe that the whitetail deer was once hunted almost to extinction in this area. They have a thriving population now that is kept in check by hunting seasons. Unfortunately, many hunters venture far afield to places that deer populations are relatively lower than if the hunter had stayed home in his own suburban neighborhood. Local firearms ordinances and small property size make hunting difficult, if not impossible, in the more populated areas.

This, and the abundant urban food supply, lead to much higher deer densities. This can spell disaster for your landscape or vegetable plantings. Most repellents need frequent application, if they even work at all.

Fencing of some kind is the best defense, but if not done properly can become an expensive play toy for deer. Sometimes, lethal control is necessary, but the legal hurdles can be quite challenging. The Critter Guy can help you choose the right solution to your deer problem, with sound and proven techniques and practical deer management experience.

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