a feral cat

The Critter Guy usually leaves the capture of dogs and cats to your local animal control. However, there are some situations where we can help you. We are equipped to capture and handle various forms of wildlife, both humanely and effectively, and that equipment works on domestic animals, too. Sometimes, for whatever reason, your particular animal control will not handle your problem. Usually this involves the perception that the domestic animal you want them to catch is your property, therefore your problem. Sometimes a new or recently moved pet escapes and becomes “wild” in its unfamiliar surroundings. Sometimes a new property can come with hidden residents – abandoned pets that either belonged to the former owners, or moved in on their own.

Other feral domestic animals can include chickens, hogs, and goats. Sometimes exotic birds and reptiles can show up in odd places as well. No matter what your feral domestic animal problem is, The Critter Guy can help. However, please be prepared for us to talk things over with your local animal control, to make sure everything is in order.

If you need professional nuisance feral domestic animal removal services, please give us a call!