a groundhogGroundhogs are very familiar in this area, often seen along roadways, in grassy areas. Strict vegetarians, they can put a significant dent in your garden endeavors. Also known as the woodchuck, and sometimes whistlepig, because of a seldom heard alarm whistle, they are powerful diggers. Their hole digging prowess is the major complaint people have, their burrows can damage farm or lawn equipment, or affect building foundations. Being a rodent, they often cause damage by chewing on things at random. They are very good climbers, but seldom seen off the ground. Oftentimes their unused tunnels can become homes for other pests, notably skunks.

The traps we use are designed specifically for groundhogs. These traps far out-perform commonly available traps. Along with specialized lure, your groundhog problems area phone call away from being over.

If you need professional nuisance groundhog removal services, please give us a call!