a skunk

Skunks are part of the weasel family, although a little chunkier than the usual weasel form. All weasels have odor producing glands, but skunks elevate this trait to perfection. No one will ever forget the scent of skunk, and believe it or not, top end perfumes often use skunk essence as a carrying agent. This is due to its unique traveling power.

Skunks use their odor as defense and only when absolutely necessary. Courtship battles in late winter and adolescent skunks discovering this new weapon during late summer often perfume the air. Pets and predators can elicit this response any time throughout the year. Believe it or not, many animals prey on skunks, especially the great horned owl. Since skunks are not much for climbing, this can lead to skunk remains ending up on rooftops and other strange places.

Besides stinking up your house from the bottom up or spraying your pets, skunks can wreck flower beds in search of grubs. They are also one of the very highest risk rabies carriers that we have. Sometimes skunks can die under a building leading to a timed release of their pungent odor.

No matter what your skunk scenario, The Critter Guy can take care of the problem. With experience in methods of skunk handling to minimize spraying situations, and in odor control for those instances when the worst happens, the Critter Guy is perfectly suited to handle skunk mischief. If the Critter Guy experiences an accidental skunk discharge, his family and friends are perfectly used to that fragrance. How will your friends, children, spouse, coworkers, boss, or employees react if you tangle with the wrong end of a skunk?

If you need professional nuisance skunk removal services, please give us a call!